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‘Approachable, punchy writing, with a real rhythmic drive. The sheer spectacle and volume are compelling’ The Times

‘This story is one that needs to be told, and it is told using music that needs to be listened to. If you’re in London, if you’re listening, go’ The Guardian

‘Exquisite ... inherently melancholy and ultimately soul-bearing’ The Upcoming

‘Real music’ Chris Brannick


Anglo-French composer Tim Benjamin is well known for his award-winning and critically acclaimed work, from solo and chamber compositions to large-scale orchestral music and operas. Broadcast and performed internationally, his large-scale works include the oratorio Herakles and his first Symphony, premiered at the 2021 Enescu Festival under Rumon Gamba and ecstatically received by audiences at the festival and broadcast across Europe.

His work in opera includes The Fire of Olympus; or, On Sticking It To The Man (2019), subsequently reimagined and released as a feature film (MarqueeTV, 2020), the critically acclaimed R.I.P. and Silent Jack (produced and recorded together as Life Stories, 2015), Madame X (2014), Emily (2013), and the Stephen Oliver Prize-winning The Bridge (1998), among other music-theatre and semi-staged works.


As a film composer he has been recognised by many festival selections and awards, and his music for TV makes frequent appearances on small screens around the world. He is also a director for stage and screen, and as a writer has created many librettos, scripts, adaptations, and other texts.

He believes strongly in the power of storytelling through music, film, and the human voice and is in demand as a public speaker, having given a TED talk on the subject of inspiration.

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