Swedish composer Martin Skafte has written Fantasia on Two Pieces by Scriabin (Mazurka Op 25 No and Piano Sonata No 9) for Peter Jablonski, a new work celebrating Alexander Scriabin's creative legacy. 

In his own work, Skafte has drawn inspiration from working with master pieces of historical piano literature, completing in 2017 a set of 24 Preludes for piano, inspired by Debussy's piano preludes.

Skafte says: 'The aim was to create a "fictional dialogue" through which my music would speak with, and learn from Debussy's music. The goal being that of a third voice potentially emerging throughout the process, a voice that would potentially carry something from both worlds within it; perhaps an "alchemical" essence? - not necessarily of style, but of spirit.'

The Scriabin-inspired work includes a mazurka from Op 25 and Piano Sonata No 9 ('Black Mass'), creating a foundation for Skafte's new composition. 

The composer reflects: 'Scriabin became an instant favourite of mine when I first heard his music, and it gives me great pleasure - together with Peter Jablonski - to present a new piano piece honouring his significance to me as a composer.'

World premiere took place on 14 November 2021, at the Karlskrona International Piano Festival in Sweden.